Create a semantic data cloud

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Every entity is unique and consists of one or more media files and their meta description.

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The relationships between multiple entities have a meta description on their own.

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All entities and their relationships form a profile that defines the usage

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Profiles are standardized to the linked data principles for easy sharing with third parties.

Linked (Open) Data

Connect multiple data sources with Linked (Open) Data

Linked (Open) Data makes data appealing and easier to analyze, combine and integrate. It lets the user enrich the data with the help of external resources.


An easy to use backoffice application

Elody provides you with a ready-to-use backoffice application to collaborate and manage your assets. It is easy to use and adjustbale to the look and feel of your organisation.
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Build Custom Web and
Mobile Applications

Elody has interface layer that let you create custom web and mobile applications on top of our microservices backend and thrid-party services.

With our architecture, you can enjoy improved performance, enhanced security, and easy maintenance while creating a fully customized user experience for your customers.


Organisations we help manage their data


You decide how and where your run it


Let us maintain and scale the software so you can focus on managing your data.

Cloud Or On-premise

With proven DevOps experience, we run software on any cloud provider or on-premise.

Unlock the power of
your data today.

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